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Star Citizen Opens to Everyone for a Week with Free Fly Event

Star Citizen Squadron 42

Star Citizen Opens to Everyone for a Week with Free Fly Event

Star Citizen has always polarized opinions among the gaming community. If you have been wondering why 2,131,304 fans have been willing and even happy to provide Cloud Imperium Games with a massive $200,369,548 in crowdfunding, your chance is coming tomorrow.

The developer has announced the “2018 Free Flight Event” that allows everyone to try out the current alpha version of the game’s persistent universe (3.3.6) for free.

Starting on November 23rd and until the 30th, everyone will be able to register a Star Citizen account on the official site, download the client, and try out what the game has to offer at the moment.

All registered players will be provided access to a Cutlass Black ship for the duration of the event, but you’re not stuck with it. Every day all the ships of different manufacturers will become flyable for free (only for that day of course) following the calendar below.

  • November 23rd – Anvil Aerospace
  • November 24th – Roberts Space Industries
  • November 25th – Origin Jumpworks
  • November 26th – Aegis Dynamics
  • November 27th – Drake Interplanetary
  • November 28th – Exotics and Alien Imports
  • November 29th – MISC
  • November 30th – Kruger/Argo/Tumbril/Consolidated Outland/Crusader

This will also let you experience the Star Citizen’s first fully explorable planet, Hurston, which is roughly one-sixth the size of Earth, in addition to the moons that were introduced in previous updates.

Incidentally, for the sake of full disclosure, the author of this article is one of those backers mentioned above, since the very beginning.

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