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Rockstar Games Launches Red Dead Redemption 2 Themed Apparel

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Rockstar Games Launches Red Dead Redemption 2 Themed Apparel

Rockstar Games has partnered with Barking Irons, A NYC fashion company, to deliver fans a collection of limited-edition Red Dead Redemption 2 apparel.

This morning, the Rockstar Games twitter account tweeted about a new Red Dead Redemption 2 themed collection of limited edition apparel modeled after central character and main protagonist of their newest title, Arthur Morgan.

The collection is sold by Barking Irons, a fashion company based in New York City that deals in “rough and tumble style.” It’s easy to see why Rockstar would want to partner with them to bring this merchandise based on Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2 to life.

Rockstar teased that the collection features items such as a gunslinger jacket and railroad shirt. In addition, Barking Irons will also carry items such as handbags, making for a more complete selection of goods, which all draw inspiration from Red Dead Redemption 2’s unmistakable aesthetic.

However, the prices may make your wallet shiver. The highest priced item thus far is a Riding Duffel Bag, which will set you back $325.00. The aforementioned Gunslinger Jacket will cost you a hefty $250.00.

While the prices may turn some people away, if you really want to up your Wild West ante you can do so. The items are clearly inspired by Arthur Morgan’s signature clothing, without devolving into a collection of cosplay items. The apparel can be worn casually and you can represent everyone’s favorite Red Dead Redemption 2 protagonist at the same time.

Rockstar claims the items are available exclusively at Barking Irons’ website, but it is unknown based on their tweet if the items can be purchased at any in store locations. Barking Irons does have brick and mortar establishments, but if you’re interested in the collection, your best bet is likely to purchase online, especially if you aren’t within reasonable distance of their NYC locations.

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