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Super Mario Party Joy-Con Bundle Announced Ahead of the Holidays

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Super Mario Party Joy-Con Bundle Announced Ahead of the Holidays

The holidays are coming up quick, so why talk politics when you could just tear your family apart with a light-hearted match of Super Mario Party instead? A recent tweet from Nintendo of America might be the push you need to do just that:

The tweet details a new Super Mario Party bundle for the Switch, featuring a Neon Green/Neon Yellow pair of Joy-Cons. That’s enough to fill out a match of Super Mario Party, assuming you already have a switch with two Joy-Cons. I’m no mathematician, but that adds up to at least three people that you can count on having a new-found rivalry with for years to come!

The bundle comes in at a great price point, so you shouldn’t feel too bad in the instance that somebody loses it during one of these pleasant holiday gaming sessions and happens to break one of them (it’s happened to the best of us).

The bundle is set to release next Friday, November 16 (just in time for Thanksgiving here in the U.S.), and will retail for $99.99. Considering Joy-Con sets typically cost $79.99, you’re essentially getting a set of Joy-Cons at retail and then Super Mario Party for just $20.00! That’s no deal; that’s a steal.

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