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Kirby Star Allies’ Another Dimension Heroes Brings Dream Friend Doors and Challenging Bosses

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Kirby Star Allies’ Another Dimension Heroes Brings Dream Friend Doors and Challenging Bosses

Kirby Star Allies is the game that keeps on giving. From new allies to game modes, Nintendo has released enough free content to fill even the leading pink puffball’s bottomless stomach. But, the latest game mode will also provide a challenge that belies the game’s cute aesthetic.

Yesterday, the official Kirby Twitter page teased the upcoming Wave 3 update, or to be more specific, the update’s Another Dimension Heroes mode. While the post is in Japanese, it includes a helpful video that details the mode’s new features.

Like most platformers, Kirby Star Allies is awash in collectibles, and Another Dimension Heroes adds one more to the checklist: big, pink hearts. What do the hearts do? We don’t know yet, but thankfully these trinkets aren’t Another Dimension Heroes’ only new feature.

Now, it’s no secret Kirby Star Allies’ past updates focused on introducing new Dream Friends, faces from Kirby games past —including fan-favorite friends and foes alike— who help Kirby as he journeys through Star Allies’ worlds. Players can even control Dream Friends in the Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! mode (which easily wins the award for weirdest title ever), but Another Dimension Heroes takes that concept one step further.

Special doors emblazoned with Dream Friends’ faces will litter Another Dimension Heroes’ various levels, and players who enter these doors will control the associated characters. From Meta Knight to Marx, these doors will challenge players’ knowledge of each Dream Friend’s skills and abilities. But, again, that’s not all Another Dimension Heroes brings to the table.

Another Dimension Heroes will also come with brand new bosses. Sort of. Technically, they’re the same bosses from the main game but with evil color palettes and new attack patterns that border on bullet hell. Players who aren’t careful could find themselves stun locked into oblivion.

Gamers have a lot to look forward to in Kirby All Stars’ Wave 3 update. Not only will it include new Dream Friends, but players can expect a suitable challenge from Another Dimension Heroes, especially if they want to go for the coveted “No Damage” run. The update is scheduled to launch November 30th.

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