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Fortnite Week 9 Challenges: How to Complete Season 6 Week 9 Challenges


Fortnite Week 9 Challenges: How to Complete Season 6 Week 9 Challenges

How to Complete Season 6 Week 9 Challenges in Fortnite

With just a couple weeks of Fortnite Season 6 left until we begin grinding through an entirely new battle pass, you’re likely desperate to get every last battle star you can get your hands on. Here’s how to complete all season 6 week 9 challenges in Fortnite.

What the Fortnite Week 9 Challenges Are

The week 9 challenges are actually pretty darn easy, as long as you’re a fan of the explosive weapons, at least. A lot of them are fairly straightforward to complete if you focus on simply completing the challenges rather than getting that Victory Royale.

We’ve included a screenshot of the Fortnite week 9 challenges for your convenience down below.

fortnite week 9 challenges

You’re probably here because you want a hand with clearing these week 9 challenges, though. So let’s get right down to the nitty gritty.

How to Complete All Fortnite Week 9 Challenges in Season 6

  • Get 30s of Airtime in a Vehicle – The best method we’ve found of clearing this challenge is to hop on any vehicle of your choice and head for the large purple vents at the Corrupted Areas. Drive into one and you’ll be propelled into the air. Either that, or get a friend to hop on the back with balloons and have you glide into the air before plummeting back down.
  • Get a Score of 10 or More on Different Carnival Clown Boards (3) – You’ll need to track down three carnival clown boards and get a score of 10 on them by popping the balloons as they appear. It’s incredibly simple, and we’ve got a post guiding you through these clown board locations on the Fortnite map, too.
  • Stage 1: Consume Mushrooms (5) – These challenges are simply going to be ones you complete as you play. Mushrooms can be found fairly easily in the dark, shaded areas of Wailing Woods, so we’d advise landing there first and stocking up. The following stages should be even easier to complete, as long as the RNG chest gods are smiling down on you.
    • Stage 2: Consume Small Shield Potions
    • Stage 3: Consume Shield Potions
    • Stage 4: Consume Chug Jugs
  • Deal Damage to Players with a Clinger, Stink Bomb, or Grenade (300) – Hop into a duos, squads, or any of the LTM modes, and use clingers, stink bombs, or grenades on any enemy you down for an easy 100 damage. Do this three times and that’s another of Fortnite’s week 9 challenges done and dusted.
  • Deal Damage to Opponent Structures with Dynamite (10,000) Dynamite is the new remote explosives of the Fortnite world. If you throw it at the bottom of an opponent’s structure, you’ll get a ton of damage towards this challenge, as it counts everything that gets destroyed because it’s no longer supported. Easy.
  • Rocket or Grenade Launcher Eliminations (3) – Not a whole lot to do here really except for hoping you can get your hands on them and then putting these explosive weapons to good use. Pick your shots, as you can only carry a max of 12 explosive ammo, and if possible, use the rocket launcher as it’s a lot easier to aim and net eliminations. Grenade launchers are useful, however, for dropping explosives into the top of an opponent’s structure.
  • Stage 1: Deal damage with Grenades to opponents (100) – If you’re clever about this last challenge, you can literally complete it as you clear the rocket or grenade launcher eliminations challenge above, and then deal damage with clingers, stink bombs, or grenades, too.
    • Stage 2: Deal damage with Grenade Launchers to opponents (100)
    • Stage 3: Deal damage with Rocket Launchers to opponents (100)

And there you have all you need to know to complete the Fortnite week 9 challenges in Season 6. For more tips, tricks, and guides on the current season, be sure to check out our Fortnite Season 6 guide wiki.

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