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Fortnite Clown Board Locations: Where to Find All Carnival Clown Boards


Fortnite Clown Board Locations: Where to Find All Carnival Clown Boards

Where to Find All Carnival Clown Boards in Fortnite

The week 9 challenges have dropped in Fortnite, and once again, players are tasked with setting a score on a little minigame that can be found on the map. This week, players need to find carnival clown board locations and get a score of 10 or more on them. Here’s where to find all carnival clown boards in Fortnite and how to score points.

These carnival clown boards are a little easier than the shooting gallery and clay pigeon shooting challenges players have already faced in season 6. This time, it’s simply a case of activating the carnival clown board, and then using your pickaxe or any other weapon to pop the balloons that appear out of the different holes.

Each balloon you pop will net you a point, so really, the only tricky part of this Fortnite challenge is tracking down the carnival clown board locations in the first place.

Below, you’ll find the Fortnite map with these carnival clown boards circled, as well as a quick breakdown of their exact locations bullet-pointed down below.

fortnite, clown board locations

All Clown Board Locations in Fortnite

  • East of Junk Junction – You can find one of the clown boards on the west side of the little racetrack building next to the green camper van.
  • Southwest of Pleasant Park – In the corner, by the football pitch, you’ll find another of the carnival clown board locations just next to the little observation tower.
  • Northeast of Retail Row – Just to the north of the little RV park with the red barn, you’ll find another of these clown boards almost in the middle of nowhere.
  • Northwest of Paradise Palms – You’ll find a bridge to the northwest of Paradise Palms, connecting the desert biome to the rest of the map. The clown board can be found on the west side of the bridge, next to the truck and toilet.
  • East of Flush Factory – This one can be found between Flush Factory and Lucky Landing. The clown board location is on the hill to the west of the river, dividing the map next to a house.

How to Get a Score of 10 Easily on the Carnival Clown Boards

Now that you know where to find these clown board locations in Fortnite, you’ll need to get a score of 10. To actually have your score count, you’ll first need to activate the board by pressing X on Xbox One, Square on PS4, Y on Switch, or E on PC.

From there, you then simply have to pop the balloons yourself before they explode of their own accord. This is pretty simple to do, and can even be done with your pickaxe to avoid attracting attention. The speed at which the balloons inflate increases over time, however, so be prepared for this to get a little more frantic towards the end.

That’s pretty much all you need to know to track down all carnival clown board locations in Fortnite. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Fortnite Season 6 guide wiki.

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