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Fallout 76 Multiple Characters: Can You Have More Than One Character?


Fallout 76 Multiple Characters: Can You Have More Than One Character?

Can You Have Multiple Characters in Fallout 76? What You Need to Know

Fallout 76 may be the series’ first foray into a shared world adventure, with players working together or against each other as they rebuild civilization, but some things have stayed the same. Namely, with regards to this guide, the ability to finetune your character build with the various Perk Cards and SPECIAL stats. As such, some players may be wondering exactly whether or not it’s possible to have multiple characters in Fallout 76, just in case you want to experiment with a few different Perk Card combinations at a time.

Well, it turns out that yes, you can have multiple characters in Fallout 76. The option may actually be a little hidden away if you’re assuming that the ‘Character’ option on the main menu screen is to personalize your current build, but this is actually not the case. You’ll use this menu in order to start new games in Fallout 76.

To have multiple characters in Fallout 76, follow the steps below.

  • Load up Fallout 76.
  • From the main menu, select the Character option.
  • Select ‘New’ rather than the name of your current character to start a new game.
  • You’ll now have multiple characters on your one Fallout 76 account.

From the Character menu, you can also use Square on PS4, or X on Xbox One in order to delete any build you no longer want to use or store. Using this menu is the best way to choose which save game you want to load in Fallout 76, too, as selecting the ‘Play’ option will instead just load up your last played save.

By accessing this menu, you’re able to have up to five characters in Fallout 76, which should be plenty for all of the build experimentation you want to try your hand at.

Bethesda has also reported that players will be able to respec their character’s SPECIAL stats. Essentially, this would allow you to entirely rebuild your character build and perks, as you could then shift all of your SPECIAL points into entirely different stats to what you had them in previously. Unfortunately, Bethesda has yet to provide a date as of yet as to when players can expect this feature.

That’s all you currently need to know regarding whether or not you can have multiple characters in Fallout 76. For more tips, tricks, and guides for your adventures through the West Virginia wasteland, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Fallout 76 guide wiki.

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