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Fallout 76: Hornwright Industrial Exam Answers


Fallout 76: Hornwright Industrial Exam Answers

All Hornwright Industrial Exam Answers in Fallout 76

Although different, Fallout 76 is still Fallout and thus there’s lots of missions to take part in. One of them is The Motherlode which tasks you with taking Hornwright Industrial Exam, is one of them. If you’re here, you want the answers, and we got them.

The Hornwright Industrial Exam is a part of The Motherlode quest in Fallout 76. The computer believes that you are a prospective employee looking for the “opportunity of a lifetime” by joining their team as a Hornwright Industrial Senior Executive.

While you’re not particularly interested in the job opportunity, you do want that status in order to proceed in Fallout 76. You’re going to need to impress the automated hiring system by doing well on the exam to get where you want to go.

Basically, in case you don’t straight up want the answers but want a hint, you need to be as sketchy and grimy as possible. You are, after all, applying to be a senior executive. It kind of comes with the territory.

However, if you’d prefer just to have the complete Hornwright Exam answers to all of the questions to move on quickly in Fallout 76, here they are below:

All Hornwright Exam Questions & Answers

  • Question 1: An accident has occurred at one of the company’s automated mines, resulting in the death of multiple mine bosses. What is your response?
  • Answer 1: Blame the incident on agitators in the local community.
  • Question 2: You’ve come into possession of damning proprietary information from one of our competitors. What do you do with it?
  • Answer 2: Blackmail them into providing more information.
  • Question 3: A local politician has come to you requesting a sizable “campaign donation” in return for preferential legislation. How do you respond?
  • Answer 3: Dig up dirt on the politician to lower than price.
  • Question 4: We have received threats from a group upset with our automaton policy. What do you do?
  • Answer 4: Offer them lucrative jobs to get them to reveal their identities.
  • Question 5: You have been offered a higher paying position at a local regional competitor. What do you do?
  • Answer 5: Turn over the details to Hornwright’s top-notch corporate intelligence team.

That does it for all the Hornwright Industrial Exam Answers for The Motherlode quest in Fallout 76. Check out our wiki guide for more tips and tricks for Fallout 76. If you’re looking for the best builds to deck your character out in, be sure to click on over to that for some helpful ideas to make your life easier.

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