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Everything Fallout 76 Gets Right & 3 Mistakes That Need Fixing


Everything Fallout 76 Gets Right & 3 Mistakes That Need Fixing

Fallout 76 represents a bold shift in direction for the popular open-world RPG series. While we have no doubt that Fallout 5 is probably going to get made at some point, Fallout 76 is an interesting spin-off game that we found ourselves conflicted about.

On one hand, exploring the wasteland together with friends is fun as hell. There’s so much role-playing potential here, and if we’re being real, being able to play with friends automatically makes any game infinitely more enjoyable. But on the flip side, Bethesda ended up having to sacrifice so much in order to make this online shared world possible, and we’re not sure if the results were worth it.

Let’s take a look at everything that Fallout 76 got right, and several other missteps that we would’ve liked to see fixed before launch.

Everything Fallout 76 Gets Right, and Mistakes that Need Fixing

The Good: Role-playing Potential

fallout 76

I love the idea of role-playing in a role-playing game —crazy, I know— and Fallout 76 gives you ample opportunity to do just that. Aside from just teaming up and being friendly with every player you come across in the wasteland, you could take on the role of a merchant instead, and sell goods that other vault dwellers would be interested in.

With Fallout 76’s trade system, you could become a cap-amassing mogul by selling ammo to passersby, or other valuable items. If that isn’t really your thing, though, you could also build an isolated cabin in the woods, lure unsuspecting players into your humble abode, then reveal your true nature as a cannibal and eat them.

The possibilities are endless!

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