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Battlefield V: How to Aim in Bombers


Battlefield V: How to Aim in Bombers

How to Aim in Bombers in Battlefield V

Like most Battlefield games, Battlefield V has bomber class planes that you can take out for a spin when you’re a high enough rank and use to rain down destruction on unsuspecting enemies. If you’re looking for how to aim bombers, we can help.

Bombers are unique among the various vehicles that you can use in Battlefield V. They are kind of helpless, at least compared to the other tanks and fighter planes that you can fly. They aren’t designed for 1 on 1 combat with other vehicles.

What they are good at though, is dropping a huge payload onto targets. This is especially useful in game modes like conquest where enemy hotspots are usually centered around one of the lettered points that are conveniently marked for you on the map.

Aiming in Bombers on in Battlefield V the default camera perspective is doable but difficult. Instead, when you are approaching your desired target, you’re going to want to switch to a camera angle that can more easily show your payload delivery.

Press Triangle/Y (PS4/Xbox One) to change the view while in the bomber to more easily see where you’re actually dropping your bombs.

The goal should be to get nice and low and flat so it’s easier to be more accurate, without crashing though obviously. Crashing is pretty common in Battlefield V for inexperienced pilots. So be careful.

There’s going to be two circles, a large one and a smaller one. Wait until what you want to hit is just above the smaller circle, then drop the bombs.

Again, ideally, you’re looking for areas with large amounts of enemies. In operations and conquest, it’s objective points that are not currently under your control usually.

That does it for how to aim bombers in Battlefield V. For more info about the game, take a gander at the latest multiplayer trailer, the most recent news on the status of its battle royale mode, and DICE’s approach to war stories this time around.

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