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The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan Gets a Spooky Trailer for Halloween


The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan Gets a Spooky Trailer for Halloween

Just in time for Halloween Bandai Namco has released a creepy new trailer for Man of Medan, the first entry in Supermassive Games’ anthology of horror experiences titled The Dark Pictures. Man of Medan looks very much like an Until Dawn kind of experience in the new trailer, which you can see below, with horrific imagery like giant slugs burrowing into someone’s skin.

Man of Medan will star five young friends as they try to uncover the secret aboard an abandoned ship. The main character, Conrad, will be portrayed by Shawn Ashmore, who you might remember as the main character of Quantum Break. We’re also introduced to the enigmatic character of The Curator, an omniscient ever-present observer in The Dark Pictures, played by Pip Torrens.

While the stories and characters will change between each game in The Dark Pictures, The Curator is a presence that will always be there. He’s a timeless being that’s been recording stories of life and death for thousands of years, but for reasons he doesn’t understand, he’s been given the chance to talk to you, the player, in Man of Medan. Here’s a little more on The Curator via Bandai Namco.

“He knows that there are ‘rules.’ He’s not supposed to interfere, but he’s excited and can get a little carried away. He has seen things that the player has probably missed—important things. But he’s not permitted to tell them what these things are…directly. So, he drops hints where he can, hoping that the player will recognize his brilliance in hindsight. But don’t expect him to be straightforward; his hints can be somewhat cryptic.”

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan will release sometime in 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. We don’t currently have a release date or title for any of the other games in the anthology.

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