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SoulCalibur VI Soul Charge: How to Soul Charge & What it Does


SoulCalibur VI Soul Charge: How to Soul Charge & What it Does

How to Soul Charge & What it Does in SoulCalibur VI

After quite the long hiatus, SoulCalibur VI is finally here, and is bringing the series to a new generation of consoles. While it’s the latest entry in the series, a lot of the gameplay should be very familiar to longtime fans of the fighters. Soul Charge, a series staple for example, is once again in SoulCalibur VI. Here’s how to Soul Charge in SoulCalibur VI and what it actually even does.

Soul Charge is unique in that it is not an attack or a guard. It’s mapped to your R2/RT button on your console, and when you hit it, your character will be exposed for a moment and charge up. You’re likely going to want to make sure you do this when have some distance between your opponent or while they are on the ground. Trying to perform it with your enemy right in your face is going to lead to you getting smacked in yours.

In order to Soul Charge, make sure that you have at least one full bar of Soul Gauge. This is accumulated by taking hits, and landing hits, so like in SoulCalibur V, you want to try and stay on the offensive. Landing a reversal edge also nets you a ton of Soul Gauge a well. You can see how much Soul Gauge you have on the bar at the top of the screen.

When you charge up, it boosts your character’s attack for a short period of time, and gives you access to new combos that you can only pull off while charged up. Also if you time it right, it can knock back your opponent which will give you a better chance of successfully pulling it off without being interrupted.

Once it’s on, your Soul Gauge will deplete, and once it’s empty the charge will end. So use it wisely. Don’t waste your gauge for no reason. Be deliberate about your timing of it.

That does it for how to Soul Charge & What it Does in SoulCalibur VI. Be sure to search Twinfinite, or check out our SoulCalibur VI wiki for more tips, tricks and guides. For other combat-related tips, you can take a look at how to use Reversal Edge.

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