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SoulCalibur VI Reversal Edge: How to Do a Reversal Edge


SoulCalibur VI Reversal Edge: How to Do a Reversal Edge

How to Do a Reversal Edge in SoulCalibur VI

Bandai Namco is breathing new life in its 3D weapon-based fighting game, SoulCalibur VI, by implementing a beginner-friendly combat mechanic called the Reversal Edge. Successfully landing this attack will trigger a cinematic slow-mo clash animation, giving both combatants a few seconds to choose one of eight possible maneuvers to gain an advantage against one another. Here’s how to do a Reversal Edge in SoulCalibur VI.

Performing the SoulCalibur VI Reversal Edge move is simple. This attack is initially mapped to the R1 button on PS4 or RT on Xbox One. You can also this move by inputting B+G (heavy attack+guard).

Reversal Edge requires no meter whatsoever and can be used whenever you want without any cooldown period. Using this move places your character in a parrying stance, allowing you to block multiple attacks before landing a sword slash to trigger the slow-mo animation. Moreover, you can hold your inputs for the Reversal Edge for a longer parrying window.

Compared to the guard impact, Reversal Edge is fuss-free and more beginner-friendly to use for parrying attacks. It’s worth noting that Reversal Edge can block all types of attacks except for break attacks and unblockable moves.

Hitting your enemy with the Reversal Edge has a number of benefits. This includes a substantial meter gain, damage against your enemy, and several advantages during the clash.

SoulCalibur VI Reversal Edge Clash Rules 

While the Reversal Edge clash system is often labeled as a rock-paper-scissors guessing game, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Both combatants have a total of three attack options and five defensive options during the clash.

If both players use the same attack, another clash will ensue. When this happens, the clash initiator will win attack draws and crush their attacks. The clash initiator also has the ability to use a lethal hit during the second clash.  

SoulCalibur VI also brings more complexity to this mechanic by equipping character with unique outcome rewards for the clash.

Here’s a quick breakdown on the basic rules of the Reversal Edge clash:

  • Guard Impact (Forward + X or forward + A): Counters all attacks and provides you with a frame advantage. Puts you at a disadvantage when the enemy inputs a side step, crouch, or guard.
  • Guard (X / A): Blocks all attacks except for vertical slash. Gain a frame advantage against guard impact.
  • Back Step: Wins against kick. Loses against horizontal and vertical attacks.
  • Crouch: Wins against horizontal attack and gains an advantage over guard impact. Loses against vertical attack and kick.
  • Side Step: Wins against vertical attack and gives you a frame advantage over guard impact. Loses against horizontal attack and kick.
  • Kick (Circle / B): Beats vertical attack, side step, and crouch. Loses to horizontal attack, back step, and guard impact.
  • Vertical Attack (Triangle / Y): Beats horizontal attack, crouch, back step, and guard. Loses to kick, side step, and guard impact.
  • Horizontal Attack (Square / X): Beats kick, side step, and back step. Loses to vertical attacks, crouch, and guard impact.

So, that’s all you need to know about how to do a Reversal Edge in SoulCalibur VI and its accompanying clash rules. Make sure to check our SoulCalibur VI wiki if you’re looking for more useful tips and tricks for the game.

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