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Pete Hines Is Not “The Lore Guy” So Stop Telling Him That the BOS in Fallout 76 Makes No Sense


Pete Hines Is Not “The Lore Guy” So Stop Telling Him That the BOS in Fallout 76 Makes No Sense

Pete Hines has put himself out there on Twitter trying to answer as many questions that fans have about Fallout 76 as possible. However, there is one type of question he definitely won’t answer, and that’s lore.

It has emerged since the preview embargo lifted for Fallout 76 that the Brotherhood of Steel will apparently be making an appearance in-game. To the casual Fallout fan that seems perfectly logical. They have been a fixture in the Fallout series, including the last three major console games since Bethesda took over. So sure, why not, right?

Fallout lore hounds have sniffed out a problem here though. According to Black Isle Lore from Fallout 1, the Brotherhood of Steel at the time of Fallout 76 were in their infantile stages, and were pretty much still regulated to the California area. As many have pointed out, it seems incredibly unlikely that they would somehow also be in West Virginia of all places. [credit: Fallout Reddit]

It’s confusing, and potentially problematic for some fans, but don’t ask Pete Hines. He is definitely not the lore guy.

Pete Hines is not the lore guy. No matter how many times you ask him, he will not answer your questions about lore or canon. Clearly.

We’re not 100% sure who the “lore guy” is. But we’ll try and find that out and ask that “guy.” Every guy needs a guy for everything, we just need to know who our “lore guy” is now so we can figure out what is going on with the Brotherhood of Steel showing up in Fallout 76.


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