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Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost Mobile Title Isn’t Doing Too Well

dragalia lost

Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost Mobile Title Isn’t Doing Too Well

Nintendo has launched several forays into the mobile gaming space over the past few years, but Dragalia Lost is its first new IP developed specifically for the platform. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be doing very well.

As reported by Bloomberg, despite generating $3 million in revenue over its first week, Dragalia Lost hasn’t approached anywhere near the success of previous Nintendo-published mobile hits. Titles such as Fire Emblem Heroes, Super Mario Run, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp have all outperformed Nintendo’s first mobile game to not feature any of its household name characters. Apparently, that’s proving a hard sell to new customers.

Nintendo has long wanted to penetrate the mobile space, prompting the original partnership with developers such as CyberAgent, the team that helped produce Dragalia Lost. So far, though, it hasn’t been able to impact the market, and it looks as though that trend is set to continue.

Dragalia Lost has fallen ten places on the App Store’s ranking by revenue, from 61st to 71st.

That’s clearly been a disappointment to investors, as Nintendo shares fell 2% in Tokyo and CyberAgent’s dropped 3%.

Dragalia Lost is a tap and swipe action RPG about the bonds shared between humans and dragons. Players conquer enemies using an array of powerful attacks and special skills, including turning into a dragon themselves. The game consists of over 60 different characters and dragons.

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