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Indie Dev: “Switch Easiest to Work With, Nintendo Has Done Total 180 to Overtake Sony for Releasing Games”


Indie Dev: “Switch Easiest to Work With, Nintendo Has Done Total 180 to Overtake Sony for Releasing Games”

In a recent interview with Twinfinite, Luc Bernard, Chief Creative Officer of development studio, Arcade Distillery, has stated that Nintendo Switch is the easiest to work with.

Previously, Sony was known for working closely with indie developers and being easiest to work with, but it seems things have changed with the Nintendo Switch.

I was able to chat with Bernard about his take on all things game development and he had some interesting things to say. When asked if the process of releasing games on all platforms is the same, Bernard stated:

“No, each platform has their own set of rules and submission processes. The easiest so far has been Switch. I can’t mention much because of NDAs, but that’s the easiest one.

Bernard went on, “[They’re] fast with E-mails, easy to get a hold of with developers – Nintendo has done a complete [180]. They’re pretty much how Sony was years ago. Sony was at the height of the indie scene and now it’s become kind of Nintendo who’s like that.”

He then continued, “Now I know how to work with [all of them], but PlayStation isn’t as user-friendly. That’s the most I’ll say.”

The PS4 is still selling tremendously well of course – 82 million to date, despite apparently not being the most user friendly platform for indie developers.

The fact that the Switch is working so well with indie developers is positive development. It seems that Nintendo has really come around and has made the Switch a better place for indie devs.

Nintendo Switch looks to carry its momentum into 2019 with the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate later this winter.


Joseph is a Northern Kentucky University graduate with a bachelors degree in Studio Art. After realizing his passions lie elsewhere, he decided to pursue a career in games journalism with the goal of climbing to the top. He loves action RPGs like Bloodborne and Dark Souls, but is also fond of quirky Nintendo games on the Switch. Joseph can be found listening to Prog Metal and patiently waiting on that new Tool album.

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