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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Is Heading West in 2019

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Is Heading West in 2019

According to Nintendo’s newly-released financial report, Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be coming west in 2019, on Nintendo Switch at least. In the company’s supplementary information, Dragon Quest Builders 2 is listed under the United States section for primary Nintendo releases by region. You can see the info below.

While this only confirms that a Switch version is, at least, coming west it seems likely that the PS4 version will as well. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the sequel to the series popular spinoff that combines the classic RPG elements of Dragon Quest with the block building mechanics of a game like Minecraft.

The sequel will introduce a number of changes or additions including up to four-player multiplayer, character customization, waterfalls, the ability to fast travel, and a glide ability with the Windbreaker cape. Whereas the first game took place in an alternate reality of the original Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest Builders 2 will, in turn, take place in an alternate reality of the Dragon Quest 2 world.

You play as a Builder rescued by a strange young boy named Malroth, and awaken to find yourself on Empty Island, a place totally devoid of civilization.

Dragon Quest Builder 2 will launch sometime in 2019 for Nintendo Switch. We’ll make sure to update you should any more info be announced. The first Dragon Quest Builders is currently available on Switch, PS4, PS2, and PS Vita.


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