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CoD Black Ops 4: What the Install Size Is


CoD Black Ops 4: What the Install Size Is

Here’s What the Install Size of Cod Black Ops 4 Is

With Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 just around the corner, there are plenty of lingering things to do in preparation. Some people are on the search for bonus XP codes in specially-marked Mountain Dew cases or Dorito bags. Others are looking for the perfect headset. Some are gathering the best of the best to fill out their Blackout Crew. Most people, though, should be ensuring they have enough space on their system for the actual game. To do that, though, you have to know how large the install size is. Here’s what the install size is for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Surprisingly, the game is smaller on the Xbox One. On Xbox One, Black Ops 4 will take up 55 GB. That’s quite a lot, but for Call of Duty, not so much.

Some players still might have nightmares of Infinite Warfare. Between Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare, which came on one disc, the game took up over 100 GB of any console system. Red Dead Redemption 2 is looking to beat that though later this month.

On PS4, CoD: Black Ops 4 will take up around the same space, according to Activision’s latest information shared on the matter. The PS4 version of Black Ops 4 will also steal around 55 GB of your console. Like we said above, start freeing up some space now.

While those numbers are what players can expect on day one, CoD: Black Ops 4 will only continue to grow. With the promise of additional zombie and multiplayer maps, what was once roughly 55 GB could one day be significantly more.

And that’s just zombies and multiplayer. We have no idea what new things are coming to Blackout, the game’s take on the popular battle royale genre. We know we’re getting additional characters, but beyond that, we’re in the dark.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re planning on picking up a physical copy of the game, you’ll need to factor in a massive 55 GB day one update, too. For PS4 players, this will mean you’ll need to have 112 GB of free hard drive space. After installation, though, the total file size will end up being just under half of this.

Maybe more map locations will be added. Maybe new weapons. Who knows? One guarantee, though, is that each time new things are added to Blackout, so too will new gigabytes be added to your console.

Long story short, free up the specified amount on your system for the install size, and then free up a little more to allow some room for future updates and expansions.

That does it for what the install size is for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Best of luck hunting zombies, players, or just battle royale’ing out there. For more tips, tricks, and information on all modes in the game, be sure to check out our Black Ops 4 guide wiki.

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