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Black Ops 4 Has a 50 GB Update If You’re Buying Physical

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Black Ops 4 Has a 50 GB Update If You’re Buying Physical

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will require a 50 GB day one update on PS4 and Xbox One for those buying a physical copy of the game, Activision has shared.

The news comes from a post over on Activision’s installation and setup pages for Black Ops 4. Shared earlier today, the post outlines the expected installation size on both systems, as well as the required space needed to install the game and its day one update.

According to the post “players should have 112 GB of free hard drive space” in order to begin the install process of Black Ops 4 on PS4. However, the total install of the file will ultimately sit at 55 GB.

Meanwhile, Xbox One owners won’t seemingly require the same 112 GB of free hard drive space, but can still expect a 55 GB final install size on their system.

Most notably, however, is the size of the day one update. Weighing in at a pretty huge 50 GB, Black Ops 4’s day one update must be fully installed in order to play “the Multiplayer, Zombies, and Specialist Headquarters” elements of the game. The Blackout battle royale game mode will apparently be fully playable once 16-20 GB of the install is completed. Equating to roughly 30% completion.

For those buying the game digitally on either Xbox One or PS4, you’ll be looking at a total of 55 GB to download. Suggesting that the day one update has already been applied to the game files available to preload as of tomorrow on PS4.

As such, if you were planning on picking up a physical copy of Black Ops 4, you could be waiting a little while before you can jump into the full experience. Especially if your internet is a little slow.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 hits the Xbox One, PS4, and PC on Oct. 12.

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