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Check Out 16 Minutes of New Gameplay From Media Molecule’s Dreams


Check Out 16 Minutes of New Gameplay From Media Molecule’s Dreams

After years and years of mystery surrounding Media Molecule’s Dreams, it seems like we finally have a better understanding of how it will play. Game Informer has their November cover story up, and it focuses on Dreams – and a 16 minute gameplay video to go with.

There’s a ton to cover with this, as it’s all new gameplay. It opens with some footage of the single-player story, which is spread across three different genres: Film Noir, a childhood Fantasy theme, and Sci-Fi action. We got a deeper look at the latter, the Sci-Fi action themed section.

One thing that is absolutely fascinating is the fact that the entire story is made with the tools that Dreams has to offer. In other words, Media Molecule first developed the ability to create things within the game, and then created the story from that, using those tools.

The Sci-Fi section follows a small robot character who can hover, double jump, and shoot electric shocks. It shows the robot going around, waking up other robots and illuminating the way forward by shocking little platforms. After reaching a certain platform, the robot is tasked with finding a new heart to awaken a larger robot.

Again, keep in mind this entire game is made by the developers using Dualshock controllers, all within the game’s available tool-set. The section that was shown normally has some VO narration, but was taken out for the small showing to avoid confusion. Expect narration at the beginning of each section.

As we follow the robot, we see platforming, exploring, and collecting orbs, similar to many 3D platformers. While the gameplay seems familiar, the beautiful aesthetics stand out and are made even more impressive by the fact that they’re all created within the game’s creation mode.

Watch the full video above to get a sense of what you can do with Dreams. It’s currently set for a 2019 release window.

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