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Black Ops 4 Zombies Easter Eggs: All Zombies Easter Eggs We’ve Found So Far


Black Ops 4 Zombies Easter Eggs: All Zombies Easter Eggs We’ve Found So Far

All Zombies Easter Eggs We’ve Found So Far in Black Ops 4 Zombies

Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is chock full of Easter Eggs. With four Black Ops 4 Zombies maps available at launch, featuring two different crews and storylines, the game can easily overwhelm casuals and newcomers. To help you easily get acquainted with the various maps, we’ve created a detailed guide on all zombies Easter Eggs in Black Ops 4.

Generally speaking, Easter Eggs are normally secrets or fun references. However, for the uninitiated, Easter Eggs in Call of Duty Zombies also comprise of elaborate and complex puzzles that will test your wits, skills, and patience. Because of that, there are a lot of Easter Eggs to unpack in Black Ops 4 Zombies.

The main Black Ops 4 Zombies Easter Eggs are also quite elaborate, requiring you to accomplish multiple tasks. It normally concludes with a final boss and rewards you with an ending cutscene for your hard efforts. Completing the main Easter Egg is the only way a match will end without your party getting wiped out by the hordes of zombies.


Main Easter Egg

Several of the Easter Egg steps are tackled below in our guide, so these sections will only be mentioned in brief.

Completing the main Easter Egg in IX requires players to complete multiple tasks and acquire several items. Basically, you can work on these activities in any order that you like:

  • Unlock the Pack-a-Punch
  • Re-Pack your weapons with the Pack-a-Punch machine until you get a weapon with the Firebomb effect.
  • Complete three challenges
  • Acquire the Brazen Bull Shield
  • Get the Death of Orion
  • Obtain a dung by getting a terribly bad crowd affinity
  • Get a skull with a blue symbol on its forehead. This can be acquired within the vicinity of the Pack-a-Punch area, specifically the Temple. Once you’ve seen the skull, activate your specialist weapon to make it pop out of the wall. Simply pick up the skull to put it in your inventory.
  • Obtain a pyre by having a Gladiator Zombie hit one of the braziers with his throwing axe attack. Doing this will allow you to pick up a broken pyre part. Place this piece on an arm shackle in the Odin Tower: Cauldron and return after two to three rounds to get the charcoaled pyre.

After you have accomplished the aforementioned tasks, you need to work on a few precise Easter Egg steps in order to proceed. Start first by inserting the Skull inside the Skull Grinder found in the Flooded Crypt. Afterwards, use several charged shots with the Death of Orion to power the grinder. Pick up the bone meal once the grinder has finished breaking down the skull.

Now that you have the charcoaled pyre, dung and bone meal, proceed to the Zeus Tower: Bath House and insert all these items in one of the bowls. It takes two to three zombie waves before the mixing process completes. Once that’s done, pick up the new item from the bowl.

Danu Tower Trial

Head to Danu Tower’s Arboretum and place the mixture on the floor in the center of the room. Once the mixture emanates a green smoke, kill a few zombies that are on top of the mixture with the firebomb gun effect. Doing this successfully will cause some blue cracks to appear on the floor.

Have everyone in the party stand on the cracked floor and stay there while killing multiple zombies. Once successful, everyone will be transported to a darker-looking version of the Danu Tower.

Your main goal in this bleak version of the Danu Tower is to shoot the red-colored pods in the room. Everyone in your team will want to unload their bullets at the pod as much as they can, as it takes a significant amount of damage before the pods break. You shouldn’t worry about running out of ammo, as you can pick up a Max Ammo power-up once you’ve destroyed a pod. There’s a total of three different pods in this area, and you need to destroy all of these before you can get transported back to the main map.

Bull symbol locations and Ra Tower Trial

The next step of the main Easter Egg involves using the Brazen Bull shield to shoot fireballs at four bull symbols located across the map. The bull symbols have different spawn points per playthrough. These are mainly located in the Arena, Flooded Crypt, Draw Bridge, Danu Tunnel, Odin-Zeus Temple Entrance, Temple, The Pit, Ra Tower: Burial Chamber, Arena, Danu Altar Room.

Successfully shooting each bull symbol will spawn a Champion zombie. Slaying this brute will cause the zombie to float in the air and have its soul absorbed by the Ra Danu Statue.

After all four zombie Champions are slain, proceed to the Ra Altar Room. Inspect the blue symbols left by the statue’s laser beam markings to get transported to an alternate version of the Ra Altar Room. But before heading in, make sure that someone from your party has a pen and paper to jot down some notes.

Once you are transported to the alternate room, various symbols will be shown on the pillar. Each symbol corresponds to a certain zombie type that you need to kill. Basically, you need to kill specific zombies based on the zombie symbol in the order they were displayed on the pillar, from bottom to top. If you accidentally kill a wrong special zombie, you need to completely redo the whole process. Don’t worry, regular zombie kills don’t count towards the order.

You will need to complete this challenge twice.

Here are all the symbols and their corresponding zombies, courtesy of the Easter Egg hunters on Reddit:

After completing the Danu Ra trial, you need to raise four different poles in the map. These are located in the Collapsed Tunnel, Danu Tunnel, Odin Tunnel, and The Cursed Room.

Raising each pole is easily done by doing what gamers do best: unloading lead until the item evaporates from existence. Shoot the tip of each pole to complete this challenge.

Lightning pole locations and Arena Trial

After you have raised all poles, you need to get a gun with the Kill-O-Watt electric effect. This can be acquired by chance by re-packing a gun. It also comes as a standard with the Death of Orion or Serket’s Kiss.

Head back to the Arena and have your entire team interact with the stone pillar. After you have been transported, walk back to the Arena.

The objective in this new trial is to shock zombies with the Kill-O-Watt ability and kill them to power up the poles. After all poles are fully lit, blue orbs will appear in the podium. Have everyone in your team interact with the orbs.

After interacting with the orbs, you will face an onslaught of zombies. Thankfully, everyone in your team will have a fast recharging specialist ability. Simply survive the round to finish this trial.

Glowing symbols with the Death of Orion

After you finish the trial, you will need to find three different symbols across the map. Basically, you need to use the Death of Orion and shoot the symbols at a certain angle. The symbols can be found in The Pit, Danu Tunnel, and The Crypts. You know you have correctly shot the symbols when they emit a blue light.

Once all symbols emit a blue light, have everyone in your team stand on the large grate in The Pit and press the interact button. This will be a lengthy three-wave battle with tough foes.

After you have completed all trials, you can now prepare yourself for the final boss. When you are ready to start the final battle, head to the Arena and enter the red portal.

Zombie elephant boss

The final boss fight is definitely tough. Basically, you need to fight against a large zombie elephant alongside multiple other zombies. The zombie elephant is also wearing armor, so you should focus on destroying its plates first to make it vulnerable.

After you kill the boss, a much bigger and badder zombified elephant will enter the arena. Overcome this fight to complete the main Easter Egg in IX and watch the ending cutscene for yourself.

Side Easter Eggs

IX Pack a Punch station

Go to one of the four god temples in the four corners of the map. Specifically, these are the Ra Altar Room, Danu Altar Room, Odin Altar Room, and Zeus Altar Room. Interacting with the Gong in each room will summon a few champions, which are extremely tanky zombies. Sometimes, the game will opt to spawn zombified tigers.

A bright-glowing blue-hued head will drop on the floor once you’ve eliminated the champions. Walking towards it will automatically place the head in your inventory. Do this for the rest of the temples in any order.

With all four heads in your inventory, head to the Temple. You will see four spikes in the center of this area. Place a head on each stick to unlock the Pack-a-Punch station for your playthrough in this map.

Crowd Affinity

Being an arena-themed map, IX has a crowd that is eagerly watching your every zombie-slaying manoeuvre. Perform well in the map and the crowd will audibly cheer for you, and will provide you some good loot and power-ups. Do badly and they won’t sound too pleased. Get on their bad side and they will literally throw a poop at the arena.

Reviving teammates, killing zombies with traps and special weapons, and slaying champions are some of the ways you can maintain a positive affinity with the crowd. Meanwhile, taking zombie damage, getting burned in the zombie arena, getting downed, and throwing grenades at the crowd will lower your affinity.

Affinity is displayed by the green-colored thumbs up or red-colored thumbs down icon in the bottom left area of the screen. Having a positive affinity at all times actually sounds ideal. However, if you’re trying to complete the main Easter Egg, you will actually need to achieve a positive and negative affinity in a single playthrough.


Reaching tens or hundreds of waves of zombies is a feat in itself. But for the bloodthirsty crowd in IX, they want to see you spark things up in the arena.

By knifing the ropes in the Arena and unfolding banners, you can work on various types of challenges to earn various rewards and power-ups. Completing challenges is actually one of the easiest ways to earn a Pack-a-Punch’d gun early on in the game. Specifically, you can acquire the Z-Harmony pistol by completing three challenges.

Mad Hatter song from Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold’s Mad Hatter was used in a promotional music video for Black Ops 4 Zombies, and you can rock to this beat in your fight against the undead in-game. Shooting four medallions scattered across the map will instantly start the Matter Hatter song.

The coins for the Mad Hatter Easter Egg can be found in four areas:

  • Danu Tower: Entrance – Peek through the window and check underneath the wooden staircase.
  • Odin Tower: Entrance – The medallion is located inside a metal grating. Crouch and look inside the metal grating to see the medallion.
  • Ra Tower: Burial Chamber – The medallion is located at the right side of the Mystery Box, in-between two chests.
  • Zeus: Altar Room – The medallion can be found on the statue to the right of the mystery box.

Death of Orion and Serket’s Kiss

The Death of Orion is one of the most unique and ridiculous Wonder Weapons in the Black Ops series. This Wonder Weapon literally takes the form of a scorpion that can fire deadly bolts at enemies. Its secondary fire can shoot capture beams that stuns multiple enemies that are huddled together.

Once upgraded via the Pack-a-Punch machine, the weapon will transform into the Serket’s Kiss.

To get the Death of Orion, you first need to build the Acid trap. This can be done by obtaining three parts. The chain and cog part can both be obtained in the Temple. Meanwhile, the metal part can be procured by completing three challenges in the Arena.

Another requirement is a Statue Head. To start, head to Danu-Ra Temple Entrance and approach the metal fence in the area. Shooting at the fire brazier at the far end of the hall will cause the Statue Head to appear in one of the four different temples.

Head to the Stone Bridge and look at the ground to see a flaming pointer symbol, which actually points to the location of the Statue Head. Basically, it can appear in Ra Tower: Burial Chamber, Danu Tower Arboretum, Odin Tower: Cauldron, or Zeus Tower: Bath House.

With all the requirements on hand, you can now build the acid trap. Place the Statue Head under the acid trap. Activate the acid trap to melt the Statue Head, which reveals a Scorpion Key inside.

Next, you need to acquire a golden jar. This can be obtained by finishing two rounds with a maximum crowd affinity. You know you’re successful when the announcer makes a special announcement that they’ve given you a special gift.

Go to Danu Tower: Arboretum and look for one of the trees that has a small hole. Interact with the hole to place your Skeleton Key in the hole and start filling the golden jar with the tree sap. Once the jar is full, go to a Mystery Box and select the option to poison the box. Doing this will provide you a guaranteed roll for the Death of Orion.

Craft Brazen Bull / Iron Bull shield

Aside from allowing you to block a few attacks and shoot a gun while having the shield raised up, the Brazen Bull shield provides you with a sword to slash down enemies and shoot devastating fireballs. It can be repaired and restocked with ammo for a measly 250 points, making it a must-have for players who are looking to last more zombie waves in IX.

To craft the Brazen Bull shield, you simply need to procure three weapon parts across the map. Each crafting item is generally located at the tower or temple dedicated to Ra, Zeus, and Odin. However, each crafting item has varying predetermined spawn locations per playthrough.

One of the crafting parts can be found in the Ra Altar Room. These can spawn in two locations: near the gong or on the far end of the Mystery Box.

Another crafting part can spawn in three different locations around the areas dedicated to Zeus. It can appear near the feet of one of the statues in the Altar Room, one of the statues in the Tower Entrance that is extending his hands, or the Tower Bathhouse in front of a mural.

The last crafting part can be spawn in three different rooms dedicated to Odin. It can appear on a shield rack at the Tower Entrance, beside a wooden barrel in the Altar Room, or inside the Tower Cauldron area.

With all crafting parts acquired, simply proceed to the workbench and craft your Brazen Bull shield.

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