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Black Ops 4 IX Wonder Weapon: How to Get Wonder Weapon Death of Orion in IX


Black Ops 4 IX Wonder Weapon: How to Get Wonder Weapon Death of Orion in IX

How to Get Wonder Weapon Death of Orion in IX in Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 Zombies is filled with all sorts of interesting weapons and gadgets. Here’s how you can get the IX Wonder Weapon Death of Orion in the game.

Apart from your run-of-the-mill firearms, Black Ops 4 Zombies has other equipment that pack quite a punch. If you’re sick of using an ordinary handgun, why not use a scorpion gun instead?

The Death of Orion Wonder Weapon in the map “IX” is literally a deadly scorpion that fires beams and incinerates your enemies. This is one of the best Wonder Weapons in Black Ops 4 Zombies, as well as the hardest one to get.

That said, the payoff is definitely worth it, as you’ll be clearing the IX map in no time with this Wonder Weapon in hand. If you’re having trouble finding it, we’ll point you to where it is in Black Ops 4.

How to Get the Pack-a-Punch Machine in Black Ops 4

Before even attempting to find the Death of Orion, you’ll need to get your hands on the Pack-a-Punch machine in Black Ops 4. To get this, simply ring all of the four gongs and defeat the champions found in the God Towers.

Once that’s done, grab the heads and make your way to the Temple to look for the spikes. Place the head on those spikes to get the Pack-a-Punch Machine.

How to Build the Acid Trap in Black Ops 4

With the machine out of the way, you’ll want to start building the Acid Trap in Black Ops 4. You need to acquire three parts for it, and here’s where you find them:

  • Chains: The first part is found in the underground Temple. Look under the balcony and check the corner to find chains hanging on a metal hanger.
  • Gear: After grabbing the chains, look for the steps and check the corner to find the gear. This is on the first floor and pretty hard to miss because of it’s large size.
  • Pot: To get the pot, you will need to complete the three challenges first. To do them, look for the hanging banners in the spawn room and melee the rope holding the banners up. These challenges will then appear, and you’ll have to complete all three. The pot will appear in the center of the stage as the third reward.

How to Get the Statue Head in Black Ops 4

Now you’re one step closer to the Death of Orion Wonder Weapon in Black Ops 4. With your parts in tow, head on over to the Danu-Ra Temple Entrance and head underground. Look for a passage that’s blocked by a metal fence.

Beyond that is a brazier you will want to shoot down. Head on over to the bridge connecting the Ra Tower and Danu Tower and look at the ground facing the arena.

From there, you should see a burning pointer leading to one of the four towers in Black Ops 4. Inside the respective building, you will find a Statue Head in one of these locations:

  • Odin Tower: Look beneath the big cauldron.
  • Danu Tower: Check the water in the center of the tower.
  • Ra Tower: It should be behind one of the fire braziers in the corner.
  • Zeus Tower: The corners of the blood bath.

Head to Get the Scorpion Key in Black Ops 4

Head back over to the Ra Tower Entrance and look for the skull switch on the wall to build your acid trap. Burn the Statue Head by placing it on the grate beneath your acid trap and flicking the skull switch to pour acid over it.

Grab the Scorpion Key that was inside the Statue Head and make your way to the middle of the IX map in Black Ops 4. You will then need to raise your Crowd Affinity twice, which is marked by the flaming green thumbs-up sign by your character’s stats in Black Ops 4. Not much longer now before you can get your Death of Orion Wonder Weapon.

How to Get the Death of Orion Wonder Weapon in Black Ops 4

Just keep completing challenges until the symbol pops up, at which point the announcer will relay a special message about an item from the gods. Once you hear this, they will throw a gold vase on the ground around the IX arena.

Pick that up and head on over to the lowest floor of the Tower of Danu –the Arboretum– to the the Death of Orion. You’ll see two different trees there, and you’ll want to head over to the second tree from the stairs to the entrance. Inspect the tree to find a tiny hole which you can melee to insert the Scorpion Key.

After that, hold Square to place the gold vase beneath the key to collect the acid. Wait for a turn to pass before collecting the gold vase, which should have some poison in it. The Death of Orion is finally within reach.

Head on over to the mystery box in the IX map and look for the option to pour the acid on the box. The package will then turn green and provide you with your hard-earned Death of Orion Wonder Weapon.

Now you can use your new IX Wonder Weapon to wreak havoc on those pesky zombies. For more tips and tricks on Black Ops 4, make sure to check out our handy Black Ops 4 wiki.

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