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CoD Black Ops 4: How to Find the Project Skadi Prototype (Classified)


CoD Black Ops 4: How to Find the Project Skadi Prototype (Classified)

How to Find the Project Skadi Prototype in the Classified Zombies map of CoD Black Ops 4

Here’s all there is you need to know to find the Project Skadi prototype in the Classified Zombies map in Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

Available to play at launch for season pass owners of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Classified is a remastered version of Black Ops’ Zombies map Five. Developer Treyarch has reworked both the story and the map, replacing Five’s cast with the Ultimis team and reworking and adding several new rooms.

Essentially, Classified is not simply a fresh new coat of paint. Along with the changes include a Wonder Weapon teased in-game as the Project Skadi Prototype. Finding and acquiring the Project Skadi Prototype will earn you the Cold War Remedy trophy for CoD Black Ops 4. So, how do you complete this side Easter Egg-related trophy?

For starters, you’ll need to open the power first in the South Laboratories area. Afterwards, you need to obtain a total of four randomized codes. The access codes can be acquired in any order. Make sure to have a pen and paper with you, as you need to list down all acquired codes from a specific area.

Below are all the Project Skadi Prototype code locations and how to get them:

  1. Deserted Hallway: This code can is hidden behind George Washington’s name plate. To reveal the code, you need to shoot three out of the four portraits in a specific order with an explosive weapon. Basically, the only portrait you won’t shoot is George Washington’s, which is the leftmost portrait. With that in mind, shoot the portraits in this order: middle, left, and right.
  2. War Room: Lower Level: This code is located inside a drawer upstairs in the Main Offices area. However, you need to get a key first from the War Room: Lower Level to unlock the drawer.
  3. South Laboratories: Spam grenades inside one of the open windows. You know you’re successful in unlocking the code once you hear an activation sound. The code can be seen on the wall next to the window.
  4. Panic Room: You need to activate a series of Defcon switches before you unlock the access code in the Panic Room. Take note that you need to adjust four Defcon switches in a specific order: War Room: Upper Level across the elevator, Server Room, War Room: Upper Level by the elevator, and War Room: Lower Level by the laboratory. Afterwards, enter the teleporter to fast travel to the Panic Room. Interact with one of the static TVs to see the code.

Once you have all four codes, proceed to the War Room: Lower Level and make your way to the monitor with a four-digit access code. Simply enter all your access codes in the order specified above. To be specific, you need to input the codes in this order: Deserted Hallway, War Room: Lower Level, South Laboratories, and Panic Room.

You need to shoot the numbers to adjust each value and interact with the machine to input the code. Once the codes are inputted successfully, the monitor will state that Project Skadi is ready. Simply travel to the Pack a Punch area to proceed with the next steps.

For those unfamiliar on how to gain access to the Pack a Punch location in Classified, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Collect three teleporter pieces: three in the Main Offices, one in Panic Room, and two in Morgue. The Panic Room can only be accessed after you flip all Defcon switches.
  2. Construct an amplifier at the workbench in the Weapons Testing room and collect the item.
  3. Place the Teleporter Signal Amplifier in the War Room.
  4. Step inside the portal to get transported to Groom Lake, the area where you’ll find the Pack a Punch weapon upgrade station.

Once inside Groom Lake, Complete 3 waves without leaving the location. Successfully doing this will clear the debris near the Pack a Punch station. Open the crate in the newly unlocked area to receive the Winter’s Howl. It will also grant you max ammo and a chance to Pack a Punch for only a thousand points.

Once that’s done, you will unlock the Project Skadi Prototype trophy. Only the person who picks up the Winter’s Howl from the crate will unlock the Cold War Remedy trophy. The whole process can be done multiple times in a single playthrough for everyone’s benefit.

It’s worth noting that the Winter’s Howl can also be unlocked via the Mystery Box, but will not grant you the Cold War Remedy trophy.

What is the Winter’s Howl?

The Winter’s Howl is a Wonder Weapon from the original Five map. It can quickly freeze the undead, leaving them vulnerable to be shattered into pieces.

With the Winter’s howl, you no longer have to worry about getting swarmed by multiple zombies in your field of vision. However, you should think twice before freezing enemies if there are zombies lurking behind you. After all, frozen zombies might end up blocking your path and ruining your escape route.

If you’re a solo player who doesn’t like playing with friends, you can have AI bots assist you in your endeavor to retrieve the Project Skadi Prototype. AI companions is a first for the Zombies series, which means you can always have the full crew of Edward Richtofen, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki and Tank Dempsey in fighting against the undead. Aside from killing enemies, the AI will also revive players whenever they get taken down by zombies.

If you’re a trophy hunter, acquiring the Winter’s Howl in Classified should definitely be in your priority list, as it will help you earn two trophies. There’s another trophy you can earn with the help of the Winter’s Howl. Called the Breaking the Ice trophy, players will have to shatter a total of 115 zombies in a single match in Classified.

So, that’s how you can find and retrieve the Project Skadi Prototype in the Classified Zombies map of CoD Black Ops 4. If you’re in need of other useful resources on the game, you should definitely check our Black Ops 4 wiki. We have an expansive list of tips and trips across all game modes, including Zombies, multiplayer, and Blackout.

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