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We Need to Buy Dragon Quest XI If We Want More Installments Here in the West

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We Need to Buy Dragon Quest XI If We Want More Installments Here in the West

The Dragon Quest series has always been that weird middle brother who the family forgets about from time to time but manages to pleasantly surprise folks from time to time, at least here in the west. When it comes to flagship JRPG’s from Square Enix’s house, Final Fantasy has always taken the spotlight with its multiple entries and spin-offs that seem to always get localized regardless of their popularity or criticism.

Luckily, Dragon Quest XI finally came stateside earlier this month to PS4 and PC (with a Switch release coming soon) after being trapped in Japan for over a year. But according to Dragon Quest XI producer, Hokuto Okamoto, the game needs to sell well in the west if we want to get more installments here in the states. The quote comes from IGN, who interviewed Okamoto during TGS 2018: “We need Dragon Quest to sell in the West, even just a certain amount, if we want to keep making [localized versions].

You guys heard the man! If you want more Dragon Quest in your life, then make sure to support the old-school JRPG!

We here at Twinfinite thoroughly enjoyed our playthrough of the massive JRPG this month, with our reviewer praising the game’s surprising story, colorful cast of characters, and the gorgeous art style; you can read the review right here.

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