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The Focus Home Interactive Steam Sale Is Full of Stellar Games at Low Prices


The Focus Home Interactive Steam Sale Is Full of Stellar Games at Low Prices

Gamers have recently received quite a few blockbuster releases, and more are on the way. But, while you’re saving up for and anticipating these AAA games, you might feel the urge to buy another one, something that will help you take your mind off the wait without breaking the bank. Well, Steam has got you covered with a sale on Focus Home Interactive titles —and you can’t go wrong on discounted budget games.

Focus Home Interactive has made a name for itself with (mostly) good games that sell for below the standard $60. It hasn’t released anything as universally praised as The Witcher 3 or Grand Theft Auto V, but the company still has quite a few cult favorites under its belt. And, thanks to games like Vampyr and the upcoming Call of Cthulhu, Focus Home Interactive has received a lot more attention.

While not every game in their library is on sale, plenty of popular titles are discounted at low prices, some even cheaper than a cup of coffee. Here is only a sampling of the games on offer:

  • Blood Bowl 1 and 2 ($2.49-$17.99): Take the iconic fantasy races and armies of the Warhammer franchise, put them in an American football league, implement Warhammer’s strategic game mechanics, and you have Blood Bowl. Every entry in the Blood Bowl franchise is currently on sale, from the Legendary and Chaos editions of the original Blood Bowl to Blood Bowl 2 and its DLC. If you ever wanted to play a sports game where killing the opposition isn’t just legal but also a legitimate strategy, Blood Bowl is for you.
  • Farming Simulator 17 ($7.49): Steam is full of bad simulator games, but Farming Simulator 17 is not one of them. Unlike other similar games, Farming Simulator 17 prides itself on realism and attention to detail. The game turns seemingly mundane farm activities such as harvesting and transporting crops into enjoyable and even cathartic experiences —thanks to a massive, intricate game world and a huge assortment of farming vehicles. This is a must for fans of games such as Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley.
  • The Surge ($11.99): Dark Souls has many copycats. Most try to emulate the game’s combat system and grimdark fantasy setting, but The Surge sets itself apart with a post-apocalyptic setting and a limb-targeting system that ties into its crafting system and should make anyone who’s ever played Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem feel at home. The Surge is even set to receive some new Wild West-themed DLC early October, which is good news for gamers who want to pick up the game.
  • Styx: Master of Shadows and Shards of Darkness ($5.99-$11.99): Most stealth games give players a big safety net in case they’re ever spotted, but not Styx. The star of these games, the titular Styx, is a tiny goblin who can’t even last five seconds in a fair fight, so stealth is his only option. The games provides plenty of tools, hidey-holes, and ledges to give players a fighting chance. And, believe it or not, Styx is one of the most well-realized characters of recent memory thanks to his razor-sharp wit and tongue. If only the Focus Home Interactive sale also included Styx’s first appearance, the action RPG Of Orcs and Men.
  • Yesterday ($2.49): Yesterday is a return to classic point-and-click adventures of yesteryear. The game might not have the humor of King’s Quest or Day of the Tentacle, but it more than makes up for it with a thrilling, supernatural story full of plot twists and puzzles that will challenge gamers. While Yesterday isn’t very long, it is still an enjoyable romp. Sadly, the sequel, Yesterday Origins, was not published by Focus Home Interactive, which means it is not part of this sale.

Focus Home Interactive has published a multitude of games in various genres, so odds are you will find something you like in this sale. But don’t take too long searching Focus Home Interactive’s library; these discounts only last until September 24th.

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