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Rocket League Hits 50 Million Players Worldwide Since Launch

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Rocket League Hits 50 Million Players Worldwide Since Launch

Developers Psionics announced today via its Twitter account that its popular multiplayer title, Rocket League, has now been played by a whopping 50 million players worldwide.

When it launched back in 2015 as a small indie-developed project free for Sony PlayStation Plus subscribers, nobody could possibly have predicted what a sensation Rocket League was destined to become. After all, playing soccer with rocket-powered cars sounds like a blast, but not the sort of blast that would explode onto the video game scene and keep on firing for years to come. But that’s exactly what happened.

The game has since gone multiplatform, and Psionics has added dozens of new vehicles, maps, and content packages to keep things fresh over the years. It also ushered in cross-platform play and has been one of the major driving forces pushing the question of Xbox One/PS4 cross-platform play moving forward (it’s currently cross-platform between all platforms except those two).

All of this –and just because it’s a damn fun game– has seen the user base continue to grow steadily, now culminating in a hugely impressive 50 million total players worldwide. Psionics said:

Rocket League recently changed its progression structure to a season-based system similar to Epic Games’ Fortnite. The game launches its Season 9 content drop, which includes new soundtracks and vehicles, across all platforms next week, Sept. 24. At the same time, a brand-new premium Hot Wheels DLC will also be available.

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