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Pokemon Developer Game Freak Reveals New Switch IP Named Town


Pokemon Developer Game Freak Reveals New Switch IP Named Town

Move over Pokemon, as Game Freak has officially unveiled a brand new game in development at the Nintendo Direct conference, simply titled Town.

This brand new RPG will place players int the shoes of an ordinary villager. Under the protection of a great castle, the village you inhabited has known long-lasting peace. One day out of the blue, Monsters appear, attempting to destroy the village you call home. In order to save your town, you’ll need to work together with fellow villagers to fend off the hoard of Monsters, all the while uncovering the secrets of the small town.

Gameplay will be very similar to previous titles Game Freak has created, featuring turn-based style attacks, varied move sets, and type-specific enemies. Certain situations will even allow you to summon other villagers to help work together to stop the monsters.

More information is sure to come in the following months leading up to Towns release, currently set for 2019 for the Nintendo Switch.

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