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Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch


Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

After being ported to just about everything, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath is now coming to the Nintendo Switch. The news was confirmed on the Oddworld Twitter page, as part of the site’s #VideoGamesDay.

Stranger’s Wrath became something of a cult classic when it released in 2005, offering a more action-orientated interpretation of the Oddworld mythos. The game received an upscaled HD version in 2012, which released on pretty much everything sans Nintendo (even the Ouya had a port!)

A Wii U port was confirmed in 2013, but by 2015 the developer confirmed that the version had been put on ice. Perhaps the studio was waiting for Nintendo to improve its hardware before committing to porting the title, which, even by 2012’s standards, would have pushed the Wii U to its technical limitations, particularly in mobile play.

The storyline of Stranger’s Wrath differs greatly from Oddworld’s puzzle-heavy tale of emancipation, instead allowing players to assume the role of a bounty hunter. The bounty hunter, named Stranger, must complete a series of bounties to achieve enough moolah for a mysterious life-changing operation.

One of the best systems in the game was its inclusion of live ammunition, which is ammunition made of the world’s insects and animals. The strange design of these ersatz bullets still come across as wholly original, with each cutesy ammo causing unique status debuffs to enemies.

Nintendo’s platform has made the most of its third-party ports, with the console acting as a safe haven for indies and forgotten titles alike. No information has been released as of yet regarding any changes to the Switch version, as well as no indication of how the project will be translated to the console’s control scheme. The title smoothly transitions between first and third-person perspectives, which should shine on the Switch.

No release date has been revealed as of writing, but the game will be playable at EGX next week.

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