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The Latest Fallout 76 Trailer Is All About War, Community, and B.E.T.A.s

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The Latest Fallout 76 Trailer Is All About War, Community, and B.E.T.A.s

War. War never changes, especially in the world of Fallout. That may have held true once, but the new trailer for Fallout 76 drives home the point that you can’t wage war on your own.

The trailer (which is actually the game’s opening cutscene) emphasizes players will step into the blue jumpsuits of the citizens of Vault 76, and they are tasked with rebuilding America after the radioactive dust has settled. Oh, and that players will need to stick together through thick and thin if they want to survive the new and hostile wilderness.

This not-so subtle reminder serves to, well, remind audiences Fallout 76 is a community-driven game. Players will be able to build bases, just like how gamers could create settlements in Fallout 4. More importantly, players will need to team up to fight powerful new mutants as well as conquer enemy bases. And these bases will be constructed and defended by other players because nothing says rebuilding civilization like blowing up rival factions.

Moreover, the trailer/intro uses stills made with the game engine, which was also used to make Fallout 4. Each character in the video is hand-crafted by Fallout 76’s robust in-game character creator.

While players will need to wait a while for Fallout 76’s release, they won’t have to stand by much longer for the beta test, or as Bethesda calls it, the B.E.T.A. (Break-It Early Test Application). Of course, gamers can’t participate in the B.E.T.A. without pre-ordering the game and registering the redemption code that comes with the receipt, but that’s small potatoes. While we’ve known for a while the B.E.T.A. would start in October, we didn’t know the exact date, but the trailer confirms it will start October 23rd for Xbox One owners. However, if you don’t own and Xbox One, you haven’t been forgotten. According to the official Bethesda site, the PlayStation 4 and PC B.E.T.A.s will follow shortly afterwards on October 30th.

Fallout 76 is scheduled to release November 14th for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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