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Civilization VI Officially Confirmed for Nintendo Switch, Features Local Multiplayer


Civilization VI Officially Confirmed for Nintendo Switch, Features Local Multiplayer

Civilization VI is here! It was leaked earlier last week, but the popular turn-based strategy game has now been confirmed for Nintendo Switch during today’s Nintendo Direct. Civilization VI will release on November 16, 2018, publisher 2K confirmed. The fast-paced trailer featured footage spanning from the caveman times to ancient Egypt, to medieval castles, all alluding to what’s possible in the game.

Civilization VI was well received critically when it launched in 2016, currently sitting at an 88 on Metacritic. Previously only released on PCs, the Nintendo Switch version will be the first appearance of a numbered Civilization game on a home (or portable) console. Civ IV has a ton of content, so you should be busy with this one for a while.

The Nintendo Switch version will include exclusive four player local co-op or competitive play, and have all the latest updates to stay on par with its PC counterpart. Likewise, it will have four pieces of additional content which add four new civilizations, leaders, and scenarios including the Vikings pack, Poland pack, Australia pack, and the Persia and Macedon pack.

As if this Fall wasn’t already packed, you’ll have another game to sink countless hours into. Check out what we thought of Civilization IV for PC in our review.

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