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This Cinema in the UK is Hosting A Live Screening of P.T.


This Cinema in the UK is Hosting A Live Screening of P.T.

Live in the UK? Love P.T.? Carve some time out of your schedule this month to head to the Rio Cinema in London on Sunday, Aug. 12 to watch a live play through of the terrifying demo that took the gaming community by storm. The “playable teaser” will be shown off on the big screen at the historic theater with an introduction from IGN’s Daniel Krupa to kick things off. It’s an event planned by Loading Bar in conjunction with the Rio Cinema, and it sounds like one you won’t want to miss.

The game will be shown off in its full glory, as the attendees work to unlock the ending, and giving it the “film festival” treatment, as those heading to the event are treated to one of the most memorable demos of all time. It really is a shame that it didn’t get its full due, with the Silent Hills project it was meant to grow into canceled. The brainchild of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro will live on forever, it seems, with this demo a least.

If you’re interested in attending, there’s a £5 ticket charge that also gets you a drink from the Scenario bar, but there are arrangements in place via the event page that can help you get in without paying the charge, so it should be a fun, free way to experience a game that never got its fair due. Plus, if you thought it was scary at home on your TV, just wait until you see it this big.

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