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SoulCalibur VI Confirms Astaroth and Seung Mi-Na During Evo 2018


SoulCalibur VI Confirms Astaroth and Seung Mi-Na During Evo 2018

SoulCalibur VI is certainly going to have a wealth of fan-favorite characters on its roster, especially given the latest round of character announcements. Bandai Namco announced during Evo 2018 that both Astaroth and Seung Mi-na are coming to SoulCalibur VI to bring their unique fighting styles to the game.

Astaroth was created by a cult who worshiped the Greek god Ares, looking for the Soul Edge to procure it for his own. His enormous axe is seemingly unwieldy, but it certainly gets the job done. He’s a massive, colossal fighter that simply has to stand over his opponents to intimidate them, and he’s great to use if you’re looking for a fighter with a little oomph.

Seung Mi-na’s a lot smaller than Astaroth, obviously, but she’s got an impressive set of moves that she can pull off with her sword. She’s also a lot peppier and harder to hit than Astaroth, so if you’re looking for a lightning-quick fighter with plenty to offer, Seung Mi-na is a great choice.

These are the latest characters to be added to SoulCalibur VI since July’s announcement of Voldo. Can’t wait to check out who’s coming to the game (aside from Geralt of Rivia, of course)? You can get your hands on the game when it launches Oct. 19.


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