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Pokemon GO Updates Include Mythical Celebi, Legendary Regirock and Kids Mode


Pokemon GO Updates Include Mythical Celebi, Legendary Regirock and Kids Mode

There have been a flurry of updates for Niantic’s ever-popular Pokemon GO app as part of their summer of massive updates and events. Possibly the most exciting part, though, is the addition of the mythical Pokemon Celebi through a series of Special Research tasks. Regirock has also taken over for its legendary siblings, and Niantic Kids will also create a much friendlier and safer environment for kid trainers.

Starting today, Special Research tasks will become available to obtain the Time Travel Pokemon. As long as trainers have done the third of Special Research tasks related to Mew. For players that may have already obtained Celebi during Pokemon GO Fest, the Special Research will produce candy to power up Celebi. New Johto Pokemon have also been drawn out due to the immense presence of this mythical Pokemon. Trainers will be able to do Field research in able to obtain other Pokemon discovered in the Johto Region.

Closing out Pokemon’s legendary year is the appearance of the legendary Rock Peak Pokemon Regirock in Pokemon GO. This Hoenn-native has taken over as a Raid boss for the Steel-type Registeel and will remain until Sept. 20. With a killer defense much like its predecessor, Regirock will prove to be a harsh fight for trainers hoping to add this elusive legendary titan to their Pokemon collection.

On the technical side of the game’s updates, Niantic has also developed a Pokemon GO mode for children. The game’s website provides a brief description of this new update:

“Parents can register with Niantic Kids to manage their child’s privacy via the parent portal. Niantic Kids helps you review and approve your child’s permissions before they can play and provides options to control the personal information shared in Pokémon GO…Niantic Kids gives you peace of mind that your child’s information remains secure while they have fun playing!”

Surely this new mode will create a new, more accessible environment for younger Pokemon trainers. Niantic Kids will provide a better way to protect children’s identities and sensitive information, and will allow families to continue to enjoy the game as they always have.

You can download Pokemon GO for iOS and Android phones now.


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