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Overwatch’s D.Va Shines in New “Shooting Star” Animated Short; Blizzard Reveals New Busan Map

Overwatch D.Va Animated Short

Overwatch’s D.Va Shines in New “Shooting Star” Animated Short; Blizzard Reveals New Busan Map

Blizzard has just released the latest Overwatch short titled Shooting Star, shining the spotlight on Korean MEKA hero D.Va aka Hana Song. The latest short delves deep into her backstory and (finally( fleshes out more of her lore and personality. While she might have been known as Overwatch’s bubbly gamer girl, it seems like there’s much more to D.Va than meets the eye.

The Overwatch cinematic opens up with a news program that celebrates Hana’s latest victory and introduces a close friend of hers. Despite her happy-go-lucky personality, D.Va shoulders a great burden and holds it upon herself to protect the city alone from any incoming omnic attacks. As she’s working on her mech, a swarm of enemies fly in and urge her into battle. After a thrilling fight scene and an eye-opening lesson for Hana Song, the battle ends with an explosive finish as she self-destructs her mech to put an end to the omnic enemies.

Alongside the Shooting Star animated short, the developers have also announced a new Overwatch control map that’s based in Busan. Like all control points, the area is divided into three parts: Sanctuary, Downtown, and the MEKA Base. Blizzard has yet to reveal when this map will hit the live servers, but we’ll probably see it live on the PTR servers very soon.

Check out the latest Overwatch animated short and the upcoming map below.

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