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Mobius Final Fantasy Gets an FFX Collaboration Event to Celebrate Second Anniversary

mobius final fantasy

Mobius Final Fantasy Gets an FFX Collaboration Event to Celebrate Second Anniversary

Mobius Final Fantasy is a mobile game that provides a different sort of Final Fantasy experience. Instead of the traditional turn-based combat we see in Record Keeper and Brave Exvius, the combat in Mobius is centered around cards, and provides one of the more unique experiences on mobile right now. To celebrate the game’s second anniversary, Square Enix has launched a Final Fantasy X collaboration event.

Here are the details:

Now through November 30, 2018, the FINAL FANTASY X collaboration includes the following:

  • Continuation of the FINAL FANTASY X story“DREAM WITHIN A DREAM – Prologue” will be available from August 1, “DREAM WITHIN A DREAM – Episode 1” will be available from August 15, 2018, with additional parts to be released in at future dates.
  • New Ultimate Heroes – Players can take on the appearance of Tidus by obtaining the new Ultimate Hero, which is available for summon beginning today. A second Ultimate Hero, Yuna, will be available to summon in September.
  • New Auron-themed WoL Job – Beginning today, “Legendary Guardian,” a new Legend Job, is available through the Greater Summon.
    New Rikku-themed Sarah Job – “Al Bhed Huntress,” a new Legend Job, will be available to summon beginning in September of this year.
  • New Sin-themed Supreme Card – “Sin: FFX” debuts as the latest Supreme Card.
  • “FFX Blitzball” Ranking Event – Hardcore players can take on the Blitzball-themed event and climb the rankings to receive in game rewards from August 23 – September 1, 2018.
  • Special In-Game Bonuses: All players that log in throughout the collaboration will receive the Tidus & Yuna: FFX ability card and Magistral Rod weapon, exclusive for WoL.

Mobius Final Fantasy is now available on iOS and Android devices

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