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Doom Eternal Gets an Adrenaline-Fueled Premiere, Lets Other Players Invade Your Campaign


Doom Eternal Gets an Adrenaline-Fueled Premiere, Lets Other Players Invade Your Campaign

Doom Eternal was one of the biggest announcements from Bethesda at this years E3, but sadly we’ve had to wait until QuakeCon to actually see a gameplay premiere. Well, that moment is finally here, and fans of the previous Doom should be quite pleased. The first part of gameplay took place in a cityscape that’s fused with hell and become infested with demons, while the second part showed off focused on the planet of Phobos. You can see all of the debut footage in the video down below, which starts at 1:16:20.

Doom Eternal is a sequel to 2016’s Doom, set years after the events of the original. The debut gameplay trailer had the same blistering speed and violence that the original did, showing off quite a few new weapons and abilities you’ll have access to. A grappling hook lets you immediately pull yourself up to an enemy, while you can also jump and swing off of poles hanging around the area. There are a ton of weapons shown off during the gameplay, like the blade attached to your arm, or a shoulder-mounted flamethrower.

There seems to be even more of an emphasis on verticality this time around, with the Doomslayer dashing and zipping around entire areas with ease. The big surprise of the reveal showed that other players can invade your campaign as demons, seeming somewhat similar to how invasions work in Dark Souls. The final shot of gameplay even showed off a ridiculous kind of plasma sword, as the Doomslayer rushed a massive demon.

Bethesda also showed off a few pieces of new concept art showing off the Doomslayer, and the weapons he’ll have access to in Doom Eternal, including a shotgun with blades on the end called the “Meathook.” They also showed off a few enemies, both new and old, like the updated Arachnatron from Doom 2 or a hulking skeleton monster that somewhat resembles the Doomslayer, known as the Marauder.

There still is no release date given for Doom Eternal, but the game is planned for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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