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Detroit: Become Human’s Photo Mode Was Cut Due to Console Limitations

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Detroit: Become Human’s Photo Mode Was Cut Due to Console Limitations

A few weeks after Detroit: Become Human launched for the PS4, Quantic Dream co-Ceo Guillaume de Fondaumière stated that the team is hard at work on creating a photo mode for their narrative-driven game. However, the team was having difficulty in implementing the photo mode due to the complex lighting and depth of field in each and every shot. Sadly, things didn’t pan out well in the end.

Director David Cage confirmed on Twitter that adding a photo mode for Detroit: Become Human is nearly impossible. Apparently, they have fully utilized the capabilities of the PS4 to create a graphically stunning and seamless experience, thus leaving no space left for any additional features.

“We implemented a photo mode, but the game uses all the memory, so it seems hard to add anything. We really pushed the console as far as we could to make the game look as beautiful and loadings as seamless as possible, which left little space for anything else…”

It’s sad to see one of the most graphically stunning PS4 exclusives missing out on a photo mode, especially when majority of Sony’s most recent blockbuster titles such as God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Uncharted: Lost Legacy all receiving this feature. Arguably, photo mode is one of the best ways to capture great memories for these titles, from memorable locations to unforgettable boss battles and epic set pieces.

Based on the graphical fidelity alone of Detroit: Become Human, it is apparent that the game is very taxing to run for the PS4. This is most evident in the character models, with majority of characters bordering on the uncanny valley due to their realistic appearance. For a better appreciation of the character models, you can take a look at the development images for protagonists Connor and Kara shared by Cage earlier this week.

Detroit: Become Human is currently out on PS4.

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