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CD Projekt Red Establishes Spokko to Work on a “Yet-Announced Project Targeting Mobile Devices”


CD Projekt Red Establishes Spokko to Work on a “Yet-Announced Project Targeting Mobile Devices”

In an update via its blog today, CD Project Red confirmed Spokko, the newest company in its Capital Group, will be given access to its intellectual property and creative talent for the purposes of creating a yet-announced project that will target mobile devices.

Adam Kiciński, President of the CD PROJEKT Group had this to say:

“We have known the people behind Spokko for several years. They approached us with an interesting idea based on one of our brands – an idea we decided to invest in. We want to expand our business with innovative concepts and solutions, and the vision presented to us by the Spokko team represents an entirely novel creative angle. The new studio will be largely independent. We intend to provide it with a distinct identity and creative autonomy, in line with the philosophy which has long guided the actions of the CD PROJEKT Group.”

There are no clues as to exactly what the mobile project is that Kiciński is referring to. The obvious answer is that it’s a mobile port of Gwent, which would make sense given that CD Project Red state that Spokko are to be “given access to its intellectual property.” But elsewhere, the rhetoric does seem to suggest this is an all-new project outside of the developer’s familiar IPs.

Maciej Weiss, one of Spokko’s co-creators said:

“We were elated to hear that CD PROJEKT believes in our idea. Our cooperation with Rafał and other members of the team goes back a long way. We have substantial experience with casual game development, but this time around we want to work on a far more advanced and ambitious project, offering new possibilities for gamers. It’s a very exciting challenge.”

We’re curious as to what is meant by “far more advanced and ambitious project,” but does sound as though both parties are confident there’s something new and inventive about this latest title.

CD Projekt Red mentions that Spokko is recruiting for positions at the company, though unfortunately there’s nothing listed on their careers page that helps us deduce what sort of a game is being made.

What we do know is that some sort of news update for Cyberpunk 2077 is to be announced at Gamescom 2018 tomorrow.

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