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The Xbox Adaptive Controller Has Packaging Buyers Won’t Have to Resort to Opening With Their Teeth


The Xbox Adaptive Controller Has Packaging Buyers Won’t Have to Resort to Opening With Their Teeth

Microsoft is taking every part of its new Xbox Adaptive Controller’s accessibility status into account, right down to the packaging. Given that its new controller is meant to make things easier for gamers with limited mobility and disabilities, the company has created packaging that players can open in a much simpler manner, making it a much simpler unboxing affair than most of the controllers the company sells. This way, it’s not required that buyers use their teeth.

The packaging for the flat controller includes special ribbons, levers, hinges, and other parts to help make it as simple as possible to get the package open, with a simplistic box that’s meant to help keep the box flat and easy to access. You can see it in action in the video unboxing Microsoft provided with the controller below.

“A lot of these limited mobility gamers are actually used to opening packages with their teeth,” said Microsoft packaging designer Mark Weiser. “We wanted to avoid any damage.” It’s clear from the lengths the company has gone to that accessibility is extremely important to them going forward, so it’s nice to see them going all out.

The controller looks to revolutionize the way players are able to interact with their favorite games, and will be available for $99.99 this September.


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