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Real-World Fortnite Llamas Are Now Being Spotted in Germany, London, and Other Locations

Fortnite Llama

Real-World Fortnite Llamas Are Now Being Spotted in Germany, London, and Other Locations

Fortnite’s llamas and other items from the game are appearing all over the world. It began with the Durr Burger mascot, which had previously disappeared from the in-game Greasy Grove area, and then reappeared in the real world, seemingly uncovered by a wandering stranger. As part of the marketing campaign for the game’s fifth season, characters and items have been popping up all over the world, with secret messages, phone numbers, and tons of other cool stuff related to the game that’s crossed over into the real world.

In addition to finding Fortnite llamas in Germany, Redditor eversoris86 spotted a Fortnite llama inside a phone booth in London, and a similar one was also found in Barcelona, Spain. Fans have been working together to figure out where the next items will appear, and are looking into what it could all mean. The Durr Burger was the epicenter in California, but Season 5 is set to be announced and debut in a few days. We should know a lot more about what this all means on July 12, when the floodgates are set to open, but until then, it’s very likely we’ll just keep seeing things popping up around the world.

Because if there’s one thing Epic Games is great at, it’s keeping fans interested with its interesting marketing displays. We’re not sure what to ultimately expect from this turn of events, but we’ll be watching intently for more items to be discovered around the world as the promotions play out.

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