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No Man’s Sky: How to Get Exotic Ships


No Man’s Sky: How to Get Exotic Ships

How to Get Exotic Ships in No Man’s Sky

Exotic ships are among big baller class of starships that you can have in No Man’s Sky. Exotic ships have smaller inventories but they look cool as all hell, and feature advanced and high-value tech. Also, they are all S-class tier, meaning, no matter which one you’re piloting, you’re going to get the s-class bonuses. Exotic ships are kind of a status symbol ship as there are other classes of ship that are perhaps a bit more practical, for your everyday use in No Man’s Sky, but you won’t look nearly as cool flying them around from planet to planet. Here’s how to get exotic ships in No Man’s Sky.

Getting exotic ships in No Man’s Sky works the same way as any other class in the game. Everything is pretty random for the most part. When you meet other ship owners in trading outposts, they may show up with the Honda Civic of the No Man’s Sky world, or the Bugatti Veyron exotic ship you really want. It’s all dependent on luck. However, star systems with a more developed, and stronger economy have a better chance of producing more exotic, higher quality and expensive ships for you to peruse. So try to make your way over to those if you’re really keen on finding an exotic ship to buy. Just make sure you bring lots of units to ensure that you can afford it, otherwise, you’ll probably end up staying at that star system much longer than you intended to grind out the units. Though, if you do need easy Units fast in No Man’s Sky, we’ve got an incredibly handy method to do just that here.

That does it for how to get exotic ships in No Man’s Sky. Best of luck to you finding your dream starship and hopefully you’re enjoying the plentiful features that the NEXT update has brought. For more guides, tips, and tricks, be sure check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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