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No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Get Money (Units) Fast in the New Update


No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Get Money (Units) Fast in the New Update

No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Get Money (Units) Fast in the New No Man’s Sky NEXT Update

No Man’s Sky’s new NEXT update has finally arrived, nearly two years after the game initially released. It’s a game changing update, bringing with it a whole host of visual improvements, the ability to build bases anywhere you would like on any of the game’s near infinite number of planets, and full co-op multiplayer. You can now meet up with up to three other friends or strangers and explore the world Hello Games created, completing missions and scavenging for resources as you go. However, some resources are quite tough to come across, so you’ll likely opt for buying them from shops instead. They can often be quite expensive though, so you’ll want to know how get money (units) fast in the new No Man’s Sky NEXT update.

Before the NEXT update, Gold and Emeril were easily found and farmed, and they could be sold for a decent sum, seeing your units total rise quickly. However, that process is no longer so easy. You’ll need to find something else to make money (units) fast. From our experiences, Chromatic Metal sells for good prices in most markets. All you need to do is farm Copper, Cadmium, or Emeril and Indium if you can find them, then process them into Chromatic Metal using the Refiner. To use the Refiner, simply open the Build menu by pressing up on the d-pad and select the option for the Refiner. Building one costs one Metal Plating and 30 Oxygen, so doesn’t require much. You will then be able to begin the process of turning raw materials into sweet, sweet units.

After you’ve got your feet under you, you can build a signal booster to look for ruins. This will take you to a buried site, where you’ll find ancient crates that require ancient keys to open. These keys should be located near the ruins area, and you’ll need the Terrain Manipulator to dig them up. Opening up the ancient crate will reward you with treasure that can be sold for large amounts of units. We’ve got more detailed info on how to locate ruins here.

Once you’ve built up a nice nest egg for yourself, there’s one more method you can use to make ridiculous sums of money. First off, you’ll need a blueprint for the Superconductor. You can get this by visiting any manufacturing facility on a planet, solve the puzzle there, and get it off a random blueprint. Start by asking the lifeforms for directions on a space station and see if they direct you to a facility, or you can use Navigational Data and a signal booster to locate secure facilities. Once you find a manufacturing facility and the blueprint isn’t the one you want, just use your signal booster to locate nearby structures (without having to spend Navigational Data), and it should lead you to another facility. Do this until you get a blueprint for the Superconductor, which can be crafted with Energized Carbon and a Semiconductor.

Now, head to a space station and wait for other traders to dock their ships. Check their inventories to buy Enriched Carbon and Semiconductors. The Semiconductors will cost you about 400,000 units, while the Carbon will cost considerably less than that. Purchase as many as you can carry, and then start crafting Superconductors. Once you’re full up, sell them off at the terminal for 1 million units per Superconductor. Shout out to the folks over at Reddit for discovering this money-making method.

That’s all you need to know about how to get money (units) Fast in No Man’s Sky’s new NEXT update. For more tips and tricks on the game, check out our wiki guide.

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