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No Man’s Sky NEXT: Every New Feature Coming in the Update


No Man’s Sky NEXT: Every New Feature Coming in the Update

Everything You Need to Know About No Man’s Sky NEXT

The team at Hello Games has been hard at work expanding its vision for No Man’s Sky since the game’s launch back in 2016. Updates Pathfinder and Atlas Rises have added base building, improved graphics, and substantial story content to the game, and a primitive multiplayer to the experience. NEXT, however, completely overhauls the game in No Man’s Sky’s most significant expansion yet, bringing the full multiplayer experience players have been craving. There’s even more features, tweaks and improvements, too, so here we’re rounding up everything you need to know in one palatable breakdown:

Updates to Graphics and Performance – Everything You Need to Know About No Man’s Sky NEXT

NEXT completely changes the aesthetic of No Man’s Sky, adding better lighting and textures, increased draw distances, and more realistic-looking water effects. There’s also a new cloud rendering system, and you’ll notice that planet’s flora and fauna looks much more earthy and lush. The entire game can be viewed from a third-person perspective now, though that’s optional if you prefer first-person.

Changes to the Story – Everything You Need to Know About No Man’s Sky NEXT

NEXT changes the game’s opening mission to a structure that is said to be more accessible and better teaches players the mechanics of the game. That being said, you’re still tasked with fixing your downed ship and the emphasis of the narrative is very much on survival/gathering resources. There’s a new item called the terraformer that allows you to reshape the landscape, which should help you build bases —a big new focus in NEXT.

Changes to Space Vessels – Everything You Need to Know About No Man’s Sky NEXT

Freighters were introduced in Atlas Rises, but they’ve been tweaked for NEXT, and you’ll have access to them much sooner in the game now. Notably, there’s no huge amount of currency required, either, as the first is given to players free. But there are better-equipped Freighters with better performance waiting to be discovered or purchased through the story.

Frigates can now operate in fleets of up to 50 strong, controlled by the players from the bridge of their Freighter. Frigates have their own specializations, and they can be sent on procedurally generated missions that play out in real-time to gather resources. You can either track their progress or leave them to it.

Changes to Mechanics – Everything You Need to Know About No Man’s Sky NEXT

Base building is now available in any location throughout the universe, and the entire construction of these bases has an added depth of nuance. Individual components such as floors, walls, and ceilings can be pieced together to make more unique and distinct layouts. And you’re no longer limited to having just one base.

Multiplayer – Everything You Need to Know About No Man’s Sky NEXT

Atlas Rises added a basic multiplayer feature, but NEXT goes a step further adding the ability to play in groups of four players —and you’ll actually be able to see their avatars rather than floating wisps, as before. Hello Games plans to add “live missions” in the future in which players can earn currency and resources as rewards. These will be used to purchase emotes, ships, and special vehicles. Fear not, no microtransactions are planned.

There’s an option to drop points of interest to your group, exchange resources, and you can join your friends at any time.

That’s every new feature in No Man’s Sky NEXT. For more information and guides on the game, check out our wiki page. You can find the full patch notes for the game here.

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