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No Man’s Sky Breaks Into Steam’s Most Played Games List Two Years After Release

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No Man’s Sky Breaks Into Steam’s Most Played Games List Two Years After Release

No Man’s Sky is back with a vengeance, two years after it first released. Hello Games is enjoying a massive amount of success, with the game having just entered Steam’s most played games in the world list, as it just released on Xbox One. It’s currently also available on PlayStation 4 and PC, but the reason it’s celebrating so many people having jumped on the No Man’s Sky train is because of the new Next update that just debuted.

The new version of the game has a ton of new features, including multiplayer options, customizable characters, third-person view, and a swath of other cool stuff that wasn’t available in the original version of the game. As such, people are excited about the game again, one that was basically left for dead after its debut, which found it floundering and having difficulty staying afloat without many of the features it originally promised players.

The developer tweeted a screenshot of the Steam standings, which has the game on par with a series of other extremely popular titles. It looks like people are really taking to the new update, and it’s seeing the kind of success it could have had from the very beginning. It’s good news for Hello Games, and with weekly updates for the game on the horizon, there’s nowhere to go but up (into the sky, presumably) from here.


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