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Nathan Fillion Is Teasing Something Related to Uncharted


Nathan Fillion Is Teasing Something Related to Uncharted

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a drill: Nathan Fillion is teasing something related to Uncharted on his personal Instagram.

Approximately 19 hours ago, on July 11, Nathan Fillion, of Firefly and Destiny fame, took to his personal Instagram to post a picture of the rapper Drake with the caption “Sic Parvis Magna” and the date, 7/16/18.

Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves—this could be something totally unrelated to the Uncharted series. Who are we kidding? This is totally something about Uncharted. For those familiar with the pulp-action Naughty Dog franchise, what Fillion is teasing is obvious.

For those not familiar, Nathan Fillion has been the longtime fan-requested choice of an actor to play Nathan Drake on the big screen. Not only does he somewhat sound like him, roles in Fillion’s past scream Nathan Drake (looking at you Malcolm Reynolds and Cayde-6). On top of that, the guy kind of already looks like the famed treasure hunter.

Check it out.

Nathan Fillion is Nathan Drake

Near uncanny, right? Plus, they’re both named Nathan (not that it means anything), but c’mon.

Anyway, there’s a lot to this Instagram post. First and foremost, the picture itself: it’s the rapper Drake, arguably the most popular Drake in the world today. Fillion could have chosen any picture of Drake to post, but he chose a picture that shows Drake posing in a way that demonstrates something along the lines of, “I’m what you want, aren’t I?”

That’s up for debate, naturally, but there are some stone cold facts in Fillion’s instagram post, too. The caption is “Sic Parvis Magna.” That caption happens to the be motto of Nathan Drake and it essentially means, at least according to Nathan Drake, “greatness from small beginnings.”

What does all of this mean, though? Well, the obvious answer is that Fillion will play the explorer in a movie. Fillion is an actor—that’s what he does. It could mean something else, though. Perhaps a voice role, but that wouldn’t make sense considering the voice actor of Drake is Nolan North and likely readily available for voice work. Maybe an Uncharted TV show is being created. That’s right up Fillion’s alley as the man has been sticking to the small screen as of late. Regardless, other than what we can gather from this Instagram post, we don’t really know anything about what it could all mean. It’s likely that we’ll find out on in just a few days on July 16 considering this Instagram post’s caption features said date.


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