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Monster Hunter World Drops On PC This Fall


Monster Hunter World Drops On PC This Fall

Monster Hunter World will be making its debut on PC this fall, if you were waiting around for a chance to give it a try. According to its Steam page, it will officially hit the platform on August 9, 2018.

The game will retail for $59.99 when it makes its debut on Steam, and it has a brand new trailer to go along with its PC reveal. Fans have been waiting quite some time since the game’s debut on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to experience the title on PC, and now it seems that time is finally just around the corner.

Following the Steam page’s publication, Capcom took to the official Monster Hunter Twitter account to make the announcement, which was previously planned for 12 PM ET. Pre-purchasing the game nets you some bonus content in the form of the Origin Set and Fair Wind Charm, which includes the following:

  • Origin Set: The Origin Set armor is a nostalgic must-have for series fans.
    This full armor set (head, chest, arms, waist, and legs) comes with enough defense to carry you through the early quests, and also features plenty of skills useful for gathering.
  • Fair Wind Charm: The Fair Wind charm carries a skill that increases your attack power, and one that adds a chance of reducing the damage you take. The charm also has a nice visual impact, as equipping it will add a glowing aura effect to your left arm!

Even if you’ve purchased the game in the past, it’s definitely worth giving a look on the PC, especially since it’s now opened up to a new world of players. Get ready to battle it out this fall!

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