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Fortnite: Flush Factory Treasure Map Location (Season 5)


Fortnite: Flush Factory Treasure Map Location (Season 5)

Where the Flush Factory Treasure Map Treasure’s Location is in Fortnite

It’s another new week and that means there’s a new set of challenges for Battle Pass owners to play through in Fortnite Season 5. The new season has brought a number of changes to the battle royale experience, including new locales, cosmetics, weapons, and more. As per usual, one of the challenges requires players to uncover the location of some treasure by using the clues provided on a treasure map that’s also hidden. For Season 5’s week 3 challenges, it’s the Flush Factory treasure map that you’ll need to use to find the treasure and get those battle stars. But forget about finding the map, there’s a much easier way you can get the 10 Battle Stars on offer for finding the Flush Factory treasure map treasure in Fortnite, and we’re here to give you the nice and easy shortcut.

If you managed to check out the Flush Factory treasure map in Fortnite, you’d notice that it shows a house on the top of a hill with a winding path, a container nearby, and a little shed by the house. For anyone who’s played a fair amount of Fortnite, and tends to venture around the center/ south area of the map, you’ll likely recognize this as being the hill just southwest of Salty Springs, so that’s where you’re going to want to land. It’s also just to the northwest of Fatal Fields should you be unsure of what hill to land on. And yes, we suggest landing here, grabbing the Flush Factory treasure, and then bouncing as fast as you can.

The treasure’s actual location is going to be on the dark brown dirt patch right next to where the path begins to bend round and up towards the house. Head over here, see the Battle Star appear, and interact with it to complete the Season 5 week 3 challenge and get an easy Tier for your Battle Pass in Fortnite. And now you’ve successfully followed the Flush Factory treasure map and got your reward in Fortnite!

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