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First-Person Horror Game Devotion Has a Creepy ’80s Vibe


First-Person Horror Game Devotion Has a Creepy ’80s Vibe

Red Candle Games’ upcoming first-person horror game Devotion features a mighty creepy trailer, mimicking ’80s television as it takes place in Taiwan during the decade. It’s a mishmash of unsettling footage of classic TV that fades into a living room, with a slow pan out into the rest of the house and a decidedly terrifying logo reveal. It looks absolutely excellent, though this is basically all we’ve seen about it so far.

The game follows a supposedly ordinary family of three housed in an old apartment complex that seems to turn into a “nightmare,” according to the fact sheet behind the game. You’ll explore the nostalgic home where religion is an important part of the family’s every day life. Other than that, along with the fact that we know it’s going to be scary, we know it’ll feature a “realistic art style” reconstructing the typical 1980s Taiwanese lifestyle and atmospheric sound design.

It’s not clear what kind of aesthetic or play style the game will feature just yet, beyond what’s been shared in the very cool teaser trailer, but hopefully it keeps up with that same kind of look. It could make for a very unique adventure in the vein of titles like Gone Home, that’s for sure. We’ll be sure to keep our eye on this one.

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