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Enter the Gungeon’s Advanced Gungeons and Draguns Update Out Now, Massive QoL Changes and Features Added

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Enter the Gungeon’s Advanced Gungeons and Draguns Update Out Now, Massive QoL Changes and Features Added

After a long wait, Dodge Roll Games has finally pushed out the Advanced Gungeons and Draguns update for the indie roguelike title, Enter the Gungeon. The update comes with a ton of new features, enemies, and NPCs to interact with. More importantly, however, it also adds several tweaks and changes that should make the game a little more manageable for players who are struggling with its early hours. For instance, drop rates have been improved, and there are more teleporters around the levels to make traveling around a little more convenient.

Here are some of the features you can expect from the update:

  • New guns, items, enemies, shrines, NPCs, rooms, and secrets
  • Tons of new and powerful synergies – look for the blue arrow and improved item notification
  • New minibosses (Blockner’s Ghost and the all-new Fuselier)
  • New Spread Ammo box – adds a small amount of ammo to all equipped guns
  • Slide over tables by dodge rolling toward them!
  • Save hearts for later when at full health – pick them up at the new heart dispenser located at every floor entrance and shop (note: stored hearts are reset each floor!)
  • Added teleporters to more rooms (including chest rooms and exit rooms)
  • Turbo mode – delve into the Gungeon to find a new NPC who can enable this high-octane mode
  • Added a new gameplay option to increase movement speed when not in combat (for those who wanna go fast but don’t want to be shot at fast)
  • Added additional aim assist options (particularly for those who can’t or don’t like using the right stick)
  • Added Ultrawide support (set the graphics scaling to “Fast Scaling” or “Uniform Scaling”)

Enter the Gungeon is now available on PC, consoles, and Switch.


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