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Bethesda’s Todd Howard Says Fallout 76 Doesn’t ‘Mark’ The Company’s Future

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Bethesda’s Todd Howard Says Fallout 76 Doesn’t ‘Mark’ The Company’s Future

With Fallout 76 on the horizon, players have been quick to make their thoughts about the “future” of gaming and Bethesda’s creations known, stating how the fact that Fallout 76 will be an online, shared world is the beginning of a new direction. Bethesda’s studio head Todd Howard has now made it abundantly clear that isn’t the case, during an interview with at Gamelab in Barcelona.

“It doesn’t mark the future,” he said to “Corporately we’ve done a mix; people forget sometimes. Elder Scrolls online is one of the biggest online games in the world, we have Fallout Shelter which we keep updating, and Elder Scrolls: Legends.” He has a point, of course, because the company does tend to alternate the type of games it’s produced over the years.

“Anyone who has ever said ‘this is the future and this part of gaming is dead’ has been proven wrong every single time. We like to try it all. For a long time we wanted to try a multiplayer game and we had this idea. We shouldn’t be afraid. We should try it,” said Howard.

If you were concerned that this new experiment with Fallout 76 meant things had to change for single-player and “regular” game experiences going forward, well, now you can put those fears to rest.

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